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This post is going to be a little inside baseball. I know most of you hang out here because you know us (hi mom!), but some of you are sailors and dreamers like us.

You, the sailors and dreamers, probably already follow many of the awesome sailing blogs that have been out there for a few years. Sites such as Matt and Jessica (our new real life friends!), Windtraveler (on a Brewer, just like us! With 3 kids, however…unlike us.), Where the Coconuts Grow (another Brewer!), the recently landlubbing LahoWind, or countless other well known, established sailing blogs.

This post isn’t about any of them.

This post is about a few bloggers we’ll be watching over the next several months. Partly because their up & coming blogs are solid, and partly because we’re secretly hoping we get to hang out with them all sooner or later.

Without further ado…

1. Lattitude-Adjustment

Dani and Cameron are Georgia folks just like me (Bo). Somehow they’ve worked out a deal to rent/borrow a boat in the Florida Keys for 6-months to see how well they like #boatlife. Allison and I are both hoping we get to spend some time with them this fall while they’re bouncing up Florida’s east coast.

2. Skelton Crew

Ron & Jackie began their trip a month or two ago in Michigan and are currently headed through the Great Lakes towards the Caribbean. I don’t know anything about Great Lake sailing, although I flew over Lake Erie last weekend and it looked really cool. They make it sound pretty nice, but we’re hoping they get down here into the salty water soon to hang out.

3. The Cynical Sailor & His Salty Sidekick

Alli and I got to hang out with Ellen (along with the MJSailing crew) a few weeks ago in Indiantown. Their blog isn’t exactly new (they’ve already had some really cool adventures), but their boat is, and I’m sure they have big plans on the horizon. Plus Ellen is hilarious and it shows in her writing.

4. Sea Biscuit

Last year when Alli and I went to the Whitby/Brewer Rendezvous, we met this lady named Virginia. We immediately loved her because she was basically an 80 year old version of Allison and she had no qualms about driving her 42′ sailboat around by herself. A few months later Virginia sold her boat to a couple of young New Yorkers who are now living aboard and blogging about it. We hope to meet Brian and Lauren for a mini Whitby/Brewer Rendezvous soon!

5. Sailing Luna Sea

Mark and Jennifer are currently in Georgia planning their big adventure. They’ve had their boat for about 2 years now, and have big plans for the future. Until then, they’re sailing on the weekends & stealing a week or two vacation here and there. Should be fun to watch in the next couple years!

6. CouchSailors

Gina and Jose seem pretty awesome. I heard them on the Sail Loot Podcast (shoutout to Teddy J!) after following them on instagram for several months now. They’ve been AirBnB’ing out their SF apartment, living on the boat to save for their cruise, and plan on leaving in October. Maybe we’ll eventually catch up with them in the Pacific!

7. Turf to Surf

Ok, so this one isn’t new or up & coming…it’s well established, but Tasha and Ryan have just gotten a brand new boat and plan on beginning a circumnavigation soon.  Like, this week soon.  This one should be a lot of fun to keep up with…they’re about as adventurous as 2 people get!


These are 7 blogs we’ll be watching in the next several months.

Did I forget you or one of your favs? Let me know in the comments!

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