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Last week we took full advantage of fantastic weather and sailing friends in town and hit a few new-to-us spots in the BVI. Salt Island is a tiny speck of land between Peter Island and Cooper Island that we have cruised past many times without much thought. This particular morning Bo, Mike and Melanie dove the Wreck of the Rhone and then we all decided to take advantage of very settled conditions and ducked around the corner and check out salt island.

Jump off the dock3-insta

I continued my new obsession with jumping off things.

mel and i jump

And recruited Melanie to jump with me.

mel and i jump - ridiculous

As usual, it took a few attempts to achieve the desired results. Bo, the ever patient photographer put up with my antics.

saltpond - insta

We wandered ashore to check out the salt flats and were surprised by the landscape.


Believe it or not, the salt pond produces actual salt and it is so cool to see it’s perfect cube shape.

Selah in stones1

Saltpond scenery2

Salt pond on the left, ocean on the right.


Mike & Melanie make our sailing days more FUN

Selah crew @ saltpond1

Selah crew @ saltpond5

saltpond scenery4

We were able to walk across the salt. It felt super crunchy and you sunk to your ankles in salt to the sludge bottom.

hike up saltpont

The hike up wasn’t nearly as difficult as the hike down. Lots of loose rock and gravel combined with flip flops made for a tricky descent.

saltpond scenery8

There aren’t any permanent residents on the island, but plenty of evidence that at one time there was a small bit of infrastructure.

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