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The Time Has Come – Headed Home

Today is our last day in the Bahamas and we are completely torn. Every day this week we have gone back and forth about if we are ready to head back to the States or not. Sometimes yes and sometimes no, for various reasons. Multiple times we have very strongly...
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4 Days in Atwood Harbour

Two weeks ago (we think…the days run together…) we sailed out of Turks and Caicos bound for the Bahamas. As you know, we made it! We made a few stops along the way (Plana Cay and Mayaguana) to check in the country with customs, have some sleep, check the... read more

A Most Anticipated Reunion

Nine months ago we had one final send-off dinner and drank a bottle of champagne to toast our friends Brian and Lauren on Nightengale Tune as they turned south for hurricane season and we turned north. Together we had covered over 1500 nautical miles together as we... read more

The Blink of an Eye

The cursor has been patiently blinking at me for over 30 minutes while I try and remember how to blog. There is certainly no perfect first sentence when it has been over 6 months since I have been here writing. In typical Allison fashion, I will just type whatever... read more

Best Places to host Guests Aboard

One of the unexpected joys in our cruising journey has been the ability to share our unusual lifestyle with others. Some visits were planned months in advance, some were a complete surprise, and some were the perfect blend of unexpected and minimal planning. Whatever... read more