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I sat in traffic the other day. In a car. With air conditioning. And it was awesome! I loved every minute of that traffic.

Funny how our perspective shifts so rapidly. Three months ago I was with the billions of other people who whine on the daily about Atlanta traffic. A few short weeks later and I would happily soak up every minute of pavement in my own car at my own temperature.

We have been on a #boatlife break the past 10 days or so for various reasons. I am in Ohio doing the family thing – even driving an SUV like a boss-soccer-mom with the carseat in the back! IMG_5340Bo is criss-crossing the US for work. We meet up later this week back in Key West to hop on public transportation back to our sweaty house.

We had big plans to hit the Bahamas and the whole east coast of the US this summer on a “shake down cruise”. Somehow it has been reduced to crossing our fingers we can even make it up to Jacksonville before he goes back to work. Funny how life happens.  Here are a few random tidbits:

1.  If your boat survives largely on power. Which most do….you will be very careful with how you conserve and use that power when you are on the boat. If you are gone from the boat you have to cross your fingers the solar panels keep up with energy needs while you are gone and reduce all possible extra power needs.  I am not sure how a refridgerator counts as “extra power need” but I do know mine is sitting completely empty and unusable while we are gone.  #gonnabehungry

2. “Shake Down Cruise” = boat trip to see what breaks. We intended to use our big summer trip as a shakedown cruise. “Big summer trip” has been reduced to “get the heck to the other side of FL before July 20th”. But we can still consider it a success because that big storm a few weeks ago “shaked down” one of our main sails to the tune of $1,100.  #boneedstogotowork #stat

3. Bahamas. Getting to the Bahamas is apparently kinda complicated. There is a gulf stream, which runs north on the east coast of Florida. Crossing said stream can be kind of tricky in the wrong conditions. So much so that you may take your boat just to the tippiest, toppiest edge and WAIT, WAIT, WAIT for days to get good weather conditions. (ps- edge of what, I am not sure.  Florida? the not-gulf-stream part of the ocean?? No idea. I just live here.)

Needless to say – we might not make it to the Bahamas as planned. Fingers crossed – but there is always a chance to get over there and get stuck because of said “conditions” and then people miss flights, and get jacked up plans, and bad things happen. Like bank accounts don’t get filled. so……there’s that.

4. Sweet Potatoes.  I am obsessed. And here in family land they cook in 7 minutes flat in a microwave. #hallelujiah

5. I miss gardening. Ok, maybe I have never actually “gardened” per say, but I did have a lot of flowers and grew tiny tomatoes and some basil. And I really loved those little guys on my patio in the city. This week I am soaking up patio time with some flowers. Also funny how I miss being outside. I never really thought about the fact we live outside pretty much 24/7 – so being in a house all day every day feels weird. This chick enjoys the gardens in a different way than I do, but to each his own I guess….



6. I joined Rodan&Fields. After listening to my sisters schpiel I signed up in 3 seconds flat. So, yeah. Sorry in advance about the FB posts. Not sorry in advance about the crazy good things that are gonna happen to my face. Turns out that salt, sunscreen and SUN aren’t all that awesome on my face. Also turns out that Rodan&Fields has products that actually work without forking over billions to my dermatologist.


Which reminds me they are still sending bills from my last visit to my Atlanta apartment.  #oops.  Maybe I’l just add them to my R&F mailing list.  hahaha Wouldn’t that just be amazing!  So funny I think I might actually do it!

peace out.


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