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A Walk on the Salty Side of the Island

Last week we took full advantage of fantastic weather and sailing friends in town and hit a few new-to-us spots in the BVI. Salt Island is a tiny speck of land between Peter Island and Cooper Island that we have cruised past many times without much thought. This...
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A Most Anticipated Reunion

Nine months ago we had one final send-off dinner and drank a bottle of champagne to toast our friends Brian and Lauren on Nightengale Tune as they turned south for hurricane season and we turned north. Together we had covered over 1500 nautical miles together as we... read more

The Blink of an Eye

The cursor has been patiently blinking at me for over 30 minutes while I try and remember how to blog. There is certainly no perfect first sentence when it has been over 6 months since I have been here writing. In typical Allison fashion, I will just type whatever... read more

Best Places to host Guests Aboard

One of the unexpected joys in our cruising journey has been the ability to share our unusual lifestyle with others. Some visits were planned months in advance, some were a complete surprise, and some were the perfect blend of unexpected and minimal planning. Whatever... read more

Life in Rio–the first two weeks.

After spending 6 months traveling via sailboat from one island to another, many uninhabited, it stands to reason that in Rio, a city 6 million strong, I’d experience a little culture shock. I landed nearly 2 weeks ago not sure what to expect. If my Facebook feed... read more

The Bitter End

One year ago today we woke up on Selah for the first time as full time cruisers. 365 days of working, living, sailing and enjoying this incredible lifestyle. With a few pitstops along the way we have managed to sail this boat by ourselves from Orange Beach, AL to the... read more