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Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. Some are reported to have even begun planning them when they were very, very young. They dreamed up beautiful dresses, incredible florals and fabulous up-dos.  I have heard stories of wedding books crafted with pages and pages of ideas (now called Pinterest) and fairy tale dreams coming true.

Let’s be honest – this girl is 36 years old. I gave up fairy tale weddings dreaming about the 3rd time I went on a Tinder date. Maybe even years before…but, I never stopped dreaming about the day I would run around my favorite stores with a registry gun. Seriously – could life get any better than roaming around scanning every cast iron, non-stick pan I could get my hands on. Heck, I don’t even know what to do with a cast iron skillet, but you better believe I found a really pretty turquoise one I just had to scan!

IMG_4458Just last year I hatched a plan to register for things just for the sake of it if the ole captain hadn’t come around.  I did some quick math and figured up the bridal showers, bachelorette parties, wedding gifts, baby showers, “welcome baby” gifts, housewarming, bar-stocking, etc, etc….gifts I had purchased in my short 36 years and figured them to be around about $2 million dollars worth.  I actually love gifts, love giving them and happily overspend for everyone on my list each year – but I wanted a dang registry people!

You better believe the first thing on my to-do list after showing off the bling was to start a registry. And somehow everything on the dang list revolved around collapsible silicone.

Did you even know that is a thing? Pots that collapse. Strainers collapse. Measuring cups collapse. Everything freaking collapses!  And apparently if you are about to live on a boat – you NEED everything to collapse. Weird, right? Not exactly how I imagined my registry-making to go. I scanned a collapsible dish strainer!  WTH??!?!

IMG_4417Alas. My registry making is a tad different than planned. The poor guy at Bed, Bath and Beyond did not know what to make of me. He launched into a diatribe about my need for fine china. I stopped him in his tracks with the words “I will live on a boat.” He left me and Caroline to our own devices and we proceeded to debate if I could even fit new pillows on our floating home. (Verdict = YES!)

Just one more way life aboard is a bit different than life on land. I’ll keep you posted on our collapsible tea pot. Bo is convinced we are going to burn our noses off some way or another.

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