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I referenced in my last post that I did some cleaning on the boat. I need you to understand that cleaning is my full time job on the dang boat. What happens is that I spend days cleaning until you can literally eat off the floor. Then I leave for a few weeks/months. And you can NOT imagine the state of things when I return. It is a never-ending cycle of cleaning. (Until I live there. Then the cycle will end as I will always have it clean.)

I *may* or *may not* have had an overly emotional moment (ahem!) about not being able to live in dirt. I hate dirt. Like, literally can not stand the thought of putting dirty feet that have walked all over into a clean bed. It makes me twitch. I probably have something that needs to be diagnosed – but at least I am clean!

All that to say – I do some cleaning when I am on the boat. I am pretty sure I cleaned for hours straight last week. The is no such thing as a boat vacuum (at least on our boat), so it is hands and knees kind of scrubbing. I decided to tackle the one “hallway” we have on the boat. I have never tackled it before mostly because there were always more important things like bathrooms and kitchen. It is also dark and full of tools and I just never thought much about it.

Now I can’t get it out of my mind. The amount of dirt and filth that existed in that hallway are enough to scar a person. I might need healing for PTSD. It was THAT bad. So I did the only thing a rational person would do: I pulled out my brand new engraved, fancy Ice Bucket and filled it to the brim with vinegar and essential oils.

Buckets are hard to come by (I added a collapsible one to our registry pronto!) so I improvised and grabbed the closest thing.  Pretty sure when my wonderful aunts gifted me with the ice bucket this is not *exactly* what they had in mind.  #boatlife



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