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My idea of “research” is copious amounts of blog stalking. I don’t really remember the first time the idea of living on a boat started to become a reality, but I do remember thinking I had to find out if this was a thing – or if Bo was just bat shit crazy.  Turns out it is a thing…

Bo is a big reader, so he was more than happy to point me towards some of his favorite blogs. And they ARE great if you wanted to stop every 3 words to google a sailing word. Me, not so much. I didn’t really want to *learn* anything about sailing. I just wanted to know I wasn’t going to die or be eaten by jellyfish.

One night I fell down a blog-searching rabbit hole and found a treasure: LAHOWIND.  It was full of gorgeous images, non-sailing words and people that looked about our age and appeared to be normal.  Score!  I have been reading them for months now and consider them my sailing besties. That will be news to them….haha

They proved to me that we can live on a boat and have a blast doing it, we can have nice things (kind of…) and we are not completely insane. In the meantime I drool over her pictures and his ability to catch fish!


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