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Every ten years sell all your crap and set off on an adventure.

I am only about 1/3 of the way through my life, so picking a life motto is hard. But if I had to pick one then I think that would be it.

In 2006 I made the decision to get rid of all my junk, sell my condo and take off around the world. 35 countries later I had definitely made the right decision. 2015 presented the opportunity to sell all my junk again and set off around the world again – this time on a sailboat.

It appears there is a pattern.

IMG_4922In many ways it feels good to do the great purge. I blame TJMAxx for the majority of my trips to Goodwill last week. That place manages to sucker me into all kinds of random things. Candles, kitchen utensils, clothes, shoes, hair products, the list is endless…TJMaxx really is the best. But off it all went. My local Goodwill is currently totally stocked, so if you are local I would highly recommend picking up a few of my giveaways.

It really is possible to survive life without a tank top in every color, shoes in every height and a matching purse for both. Moving all of your belongings on a 200 sq ft boat will really make you think about you really NEED.  Turns out it is not much…

Last week was the epitome of bittersweet. There is nothing as exciting as starting a new life with Sailing Bo. Nothing. I could not be more sure and excited and ready. And at the same time wrapping up life in Atlanta was tearful. Relationships built there will be for life and saying adios to my people was understandably not fun. (It helps we are going back this week!) Hauling my life away to Goodwill distracted me from realizing just how bitter the bittersweet part was.

But I am currently cruising along the Gulf of Mexico with *most* things securely stored down below and a semblance of home has been made. IMG_4935 We ate cereal this morning out of bowls from my bestie and tonight we will cook pasta in pots from my Aunts and tomorrow we will get up and keep sailing along. #boatlife is a permanent fixture and I couldn’t be happier.

Don’t forget: Every ten years sell all your crap and set off on an adventure. Trust me – it all works out.  🙂



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