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Um…great question. And not one that either of us can really answer. Which probably means we can’t. haha

Lots and lots and lots of our favorite boating people do fantastic blogs about how much their expenses are, how to save money sailing, etc…This will not be one of those. This will be me verbally processing (for my own good) how in the world we can afford this. Spoiler alert: I don’t think we can.

Once upon I time I read that most millionaires have seven streams of income. Interesting. And then one day I looked up and was working at least 4 jobs. I didn’t set out to have 4 jobs, but just kind of happened into things and the next thing you know there I was.

I have workaholic tendencies, so I didn’t particularly care that every waking hour was putting out a fire in one of my many gmail accounts. (Did you know it is possible to have over 5 gmail accounts??)

Enter marriage and boat life.

In case you are new here, boats are REALLY flipping expensive. Like REALLY expensive. I have an expensive habit in horses – but it doesn’t hold a candle to a boat. Never in 36 years of life have I overdrawn my checking account. One month of boat life and marriage and it happened!  Holy cow. When we left the boat last month we had an estimate done to fix a few things we considered essential for the fall travel plans. Essential to the tune of $15k.  Um, what?

All that to say we need a few more streams of income. Preferably ones that make money while we are sleeping, because sister needs to sleep sometime…so cue the ideas.

1. Rodan & Fields. If we are Facebook friends you will no doubt notice I have entered the scene of social selling. Don’t run away just yet. Once I heard that some of these chicks were making CRAZY money selling skincare I figured I would give it a whirl. I promised myself and Bo we would try it for 60 days. Jury is still out for a another week or so – but stay tuned for my feedback post later this week.

The Acute Care strips are getting a HUGE amount of press and I am giving them away this month to new consultants and customers. Let me know if you want in on less wrinkles and free products.

Acute care#1eyecream

(And if you want to try it let me know. Whether I sell the products or not, I will definitely be using them. There really has been a dramatic change in my own skin. I have some feedback for the biz itself – coming later this week. I figured it was time for an honest post. I am over the insanely happy posts on FB from everyone associated with the company.)

2. Junior Captains. Bo has harbored a dream for a few years that this sailing gig would be paid for by his genius business idea called Junior Captains. This allows kids to sign up and follow our sailing journey and be a part of it. We will include learning activities, family activities, a fun starter kit and videos of us. Like all new businesses, it comes in fits and starts – but I *think* we are finally ready with a product we are proud of and open for business soon!  More blogs coming soon from the not-so-junior captain himself.

jr captians

Including the two above – we are up to six. Surely we are on our way to millionaire status. Or at least non-overdrawing status?



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