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If I drink 8 oz of water a day it is considered a win in my book. At past times in life I have been a much better water-drinker, but I found that the amount of water I drank a day was directly proportionate to the amount of times I had to pee and that was just annoying.

I really had a problem this summer when I would drink water on the boat. Hydration is important and all that jazz – but when the bathroom (head) is downstairs and your boat is weebly wobbly (topsy turvey, tippy, heeling, whatever you want to call it…) it was a little tricky.  So then drinking water = have to pee = have to throw up. Just not worth it. Sorry kidneys.

I did not start this blog with the intention to discuss my water issues…alas, here we are. Let’s make a hard left turn onto the topic at hand.

I was scrolling through pictures to make some room on my phone (blasted thing is ALWAYS out of room!) and ran across some recent obsessions that must be shared.

1. Summer Shandy. Do you guys know that dumping lemonade inside a beer is pretty much the best thing ever invented?  Summer Shandy = my newest beer phenomenon. If you have ever had an adult bev with me you know I drink about 4 sips of a beer and then I am done. Enter the summer shandy.  Last night I drank two WHOLE ones.



2. Kombucha. I am still not totally clear on why this is good for me. But I figure if old Chinese guys say to do it,then it must be true. So I drank a whole one once. My stomach hurt so bad I couldn’t stand up straight for 18 hours. Now I just take sips. You are duly warned.


3. Economy Comfort. On Delta, they are now offering free drinks in Economy comfort seats. Arnold Palmers at 8am are always a good decision.


4. Jack N Coke Slushie. There is no further explanation needed here. Just get one.


And sometimes for no reason at all, you go to the 7-11 and they have 40oz lemon-ritas on CLEARANCE.  I can’t really tell you anything about this poor decision except it was fueled by crazy California heat, a lazy Sunday morning and sugar shock. (please ignore my very sleepy looking face and think about how amazing it looks thanks to Rodan & Fields!!)


Clearly my iphone feed believes me to be either very thirsty or an alcoholic. Since I am neither – I am quite puzzled by the pictures that I have kept on the phone. While other, much more important shots are met with the  “Storage Full” error.


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