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May 3rd we got married, steps from our 42′ floating home.

May 19th we turned over the keys of our one and only car.

May 23rd we pulled out of Pensacola with a list full of projects and an empty pantry.

May 30th we sailed out of Orange Beach, AL to begin the circumnavigation.

Those are totally random dates on a calendar that honestly we will probably quickly forget. What happened in-between those dates is nothing short of miraculous and will be forever etched in our memories.

What happened in between those dates is people. Our people. People that served, loved and blessed the crap out of us the past million moments.

Sewing projects, Sams Club visits, cook outs, fishing poles, post office, liquor store, dinners, laundry, six billion trips to West Marine, you name it…they did it for us. We often joke that marina life is like a real life version of the Island of Misfit toys – but I guarantee we have the best bunch of misfits this side of the Mississippi.

The icing on the cake was the going away party on Friday night. A few invites hit the wires and pretty soon there was a bunch of people standing on the dock while Bo broke a bottle of champagne over the bow and officially changed the name of the boat to Selah.

The local paper has a full spread on us, and the excitement of Bo realizing a 10 year dream was not lost on anyone in attendance. The excitement, energy and love was palpable and we will never forget the prayers and love that sent us on our way.

To our people – we love you and thank you and appreciate every single gesture. Come visit soon!


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