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Slowly we are becoming real, legit sailors. Granted, we haven’t left the dock since July – but who is counting??

As noted in my past blog, the first step for me (allison) was to graduate from sailing school. I can not say enough amazing things about the Lanier Sailing Academy. If you are in the Atlanta area and want an awesome sailing experience, I would highly recommend our friends there.

This is Dawn, my instructor, presenting me with my ASA 101 certificate

This is Dawn, my instructor, presenting me with my ASA 101 certificate

They offer opportunities to learn to sail, take boats out for yourself, and join their Passport Sailing Club. They were incredibly professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I honestly could not have imagined a better learning experience. I am so, so grateful to spend 2 days on the lake learning from the best.


Our “class”. Personal attention at it’s best.


Part two of us becoming legit sailors is to buy some stuff. Yep. Bo’s favorite part of this whole deal has been all the gizmos and gadgets he has acquired. I can’t begin to understand most of them – but this one I know.

The holy EPIRB.


This little dude will save our A$$es if something terrible, bad, no good were to happen to the boat. It transmits a global signal that allows rescue people to find us – anywhere in the world. In a stroke of awesomeness, there was a rebate offer happening that also allowed us to receive a 2nd, personal EPRIB that can be affixed to a life jacket in the case of us having to leave the boat in an emergency. Bo has joked that he’ll make me wear it when I go off on my paddle board adventures….

You can read up more on EPIRB’s here if you are bored.

If I were to list every new reason we are now legit we would be here forever – so consider the above the 2 most important reasons!  Besides the new sails…they deserve their own post coming soon!


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