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IMG_1108Most everyone reading this blog is either friend, family member or a random passersby, who somehow managed to fall down a rabbit hole and land here in our weirdo wonderland. (welcome to any new strangers lurking about…)

Most everyone reading this blog and knows Bo probably thinks he is an inspiration. I read his old blog and am pretty inspired myself, check out his bucket list over at He gets a lot of emails, posts and comments somewhere along the “oh my gosh you are amazing” lines. And it is true, he is amazing. But not for the reasons you think.

If I had to tell you the overarching theme of sailingbo’s blogs pre-Allison – they are all pretty well packed with “Go for your dreams”, “you can do it”, “yes it is hard, but do it” kinda stuff.  Thus he gets a lot of “you are an inspiration” kind of emails.

Again. Yep. Inspirational. But not for the reasons you think.

Tonight – on his 32nd birthday – I am going to enlighten you as to why the man is an inspiration.

1. He doesn’t know a thing about fixing things. But he fixes everything!  I have no idea how, but something breaks (daily!) and he manages a way to fix it. Water lines, batteries, generators, sails, toilets, roller things (i don’t even know their names!), you name it, we have it, and it breaks.

On the regular, he dons his best mr. fix-it gear (read: headlamp & underwear) and goes head first into the problem and most always comes out victorious. It is not without some obscenities, but let’s be honest if you were elbow-deep in human shit you would probably cuss too, and almost ALWAYS involves a trip (or three) to West Marine, but the man can fix stuff! I think Youtube helps a lot too.

2. He is a gourmet chef. Pretty much every day he cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am too busy whining about being hot to even think about eating, so he is on top of it. And not just anything – but GOOD food. Most all of his meals involve salsa, but luckily I went Sam’s Club level on my salsa buying, so he will have provisions for a few more weeks.  West System Epoxy

3. He never learned to complain. We live on the same boat, in the same conditions (read: fairly miserable) and not once has he whined or complained or even uttered a sigh. (I think he knows if he did I would pounce on that so fast we would be condo-living before he could dock the dinghy, so he doesn’t dare 🙂  But it is also just so not his nature. He is genuinely the most happy, naturally positive, thankful person I have ever met. And somehow he does it in a way that makes you want to join him. You know how some people you just want to deck that are so sweet and happy?  Yeah – he manages to somehow drag you along on the all-day thankful parade and not even think about it.

4. In awe. He lives life in awe. Every day he finds something that is cool and amazing. Most every day I find a reason to catch a cab back to Atlanta, meanwhile Bo is off exclaiming about the same dang sunset we saw last night!  No joke, every night he yells “babe!!! come see the sunset!!”  Unfortunately, I more-often-than-not remind him we see it every night and it is no big deal. But he will not be put off, he drags me up there to sit with him and watch the sunset while I mumble about the *very important* things I should be doing….

PursuitofHappiness5. He is the king of nostalgia.  I have never in my life met someone who loves to walk down memory lane as often as my Bo. We will absolutely drive 45 mins the wrong way to drive past a restaurant he once ate at. I am learning to enjoy these little forays into his past and just enjoy the ride. He loves to re-live moments and tell me everything about them. If I can have ice cream while we do this I am a happy camper. If there is not ice cream involved it is a tad shorter trip down the lane…

6. Helpful. At least 50 times a day I ask for help. For all kinds of things. Website coding, locating my toothbrush, unclogging water filters (see #1), un-tying the dinghy, finding my shoes, cleaning up the fridge, etc, etc…the list goes on and on. And not just my list. Everyone in the marina knows that he is the most helpful, pleasant, eager beaver there ever was. He seriously loves to help and is never annoyed at my never-ending requests.

7. Non-judgy. Plain and simple he just sees people. They all look the same to him.

Example – last week we landed in Marathon. In a glorified boat trailer park the first night. It was interesting. Within the first 10 seconds I asked “do you think there are any normal people around?” I meant people with educations and jobs and haircuts and maybe even in possession of a toothbrush.

Bo hadn’t even noticed. He just would never think to turn up his nose, or judge, or even wonder…he just sees people and wants to know them.  In other words, he just loves people really well. (I have a lot to learn)

My list could go on and on, but it would turn into a weird thing where everyone just shakes their head and mumbles about “newlyweds….” so in an effort to make you understand I am not some starry-eyed, goo-goo ga-ga wife, but just truly painting a picture of a man. I want you all to know his amazingness outside of just being a sailing inspiration. He is truly the best man I have ever met and everyday I want to be more and more like

**End mushy-gushy, we will now go back to your regularly scheduled programming, which will include a re-telling of how we almost died last week.**



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