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Last week we woke up on a Thursday morning and it was 25 degrees outside in Atlanta. Completely unacceptable, so we hopped in the car, drove 8 hours and found ourself back on the boat in Venice, FL.

As a kid I spent a lot of spring breaks in Venice with my grandparents so I really enjoyed visiting old spots and reminiscing about the many games of Marko Polo in the community pool.  We hit up the farmers market, the jetty, and took runs through town. Bo has the boat parked in a great marina for a few months while he works on a few “boat projects.” I think that is code for enjoying sunshine and warm temps – but whatever works.

Bo and I have not really taken any boat trips alone together and he was adament we do this asap. I secretly think he wanted to see if I can hack it – which is probably a good thing to figure out before May 3rd.  Lucky for me, I can hack it. 🙂

We set off EARLY (for some reason he loves to take off before sunrise) and headed south in the Gulf. Most of the time I spent huddled under a blanket reading a book we found at the Farmers Market while Bo watched the seas. There were no waves to speak of and decent sailing. morning sail

7 hours later and we were there!  I am still not really sure where “there” was – but we were there!  After a quick review of our anchoring hand signals I headed up front to drop the anchor. A few minutes later and we were all settled into our spot for the night.

Next adventure for the day was to figure out how to put the dinghy in the water. Bo was confident – as he had done it *once* before with another sailor friend. I was convinced it was about to be a disaster!




It was much less than a disaster and I will say we felt pretty darn good that we could hoist up that big ole motor and take off to whatever island we fancied. The next day it was time to go “home” (Venice) and we motorsailed about 7 hours back up the ICW. While Bo drove I cleaned. I am still recovering from PTSD from the amount of dirt I cleaned out of that boat – more on that later!


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