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Still here!  In Florida! Waiting for something besides a north wind. If you need to know why we are waiting, read this.

VERY conveniently, the morning after we spent $500 (cough!) at Trader Joe’s it dawned on me that the fridge needed to be defrosted. I am sure there is a very scientific reason to why this has to happen – but for me it boiled down to 4 inches of ice prohibiting the freezer door from wanting to close. This becomes a problem when you are trying to load your boat down with food.

My first source of information on all items related to boat kitchens is the amazing Carolyn at The Boat Galley. She is the boss of me in regards to the kitchen (aka “Galley”). If she says to do it, I do it. I pulled up her article on defrosting and went to town.

First order of business was to borrow Bo’s heat gun. After about 4 minutes of the low setting I quickly became inpatient and fired that thing right on up to HIGH. In a brief moment of panic I asked “if this thing gets dripped on do I get electrocuted??” His response of “Doubt it” was less than reassuring; but I lived to tell.

2nd order of business is to un-pack all your new Trader Joe’s goodies from the fridge/freezer and strew them all over the place.

Then simply melt 4 lbs of water all over yourself and your boat. #awesome


Eventually, things did get put back together (sort of…) and I found homes for a lot of our goodies.

Another place where we have stashed and dashed some dry goods:

And most importantly, the place(s) where the good stuff is stored!

We turned in our rental car on Tuesday and I rejoiced that that surely means the end of my trips with a dock cart loaded to the hilt trying to shove more stuff in some nook and cranny. At least for a few weeks, right?



Just in case you want to know what $500 at Trader Joe’s looks like…


And a few dollars at Walmart as well. We are equal opportunity shoppers.

And with that, we wait for weather. A man named Chris Parker (more on him later…) is the boss of us in the weather department. I’ll just be here trying not to eat everything we bought.





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