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In case you are behind the times – or just joining us – we got married!

It was hands down the best weekend of our lives – and probably the best wedding ever thrown – just sayin…..The epic combination of Steve J’s checkbook and Allison’s organizational skills resulted in a pretty stellar event, if I do say so myself.

So stellar in fact that we are trying to figure out how to do it again. Minus the checkbook from Steve J. So far we are coming up empty on sponsors, but will keep you posted.

Part of the wedding festivities involved sending video updates to wedding guests throughout our planning process. A few people have requested to see the videos – which have been hiding on a secret web page. We were afraid there would be wedding crashers if we showed the pages to the masses. Turns out we had a few crashers anyways (shout out to spiderman!) Now that the event has come and gone you are more than welcome to watch our ridiculous attempts at communication with our guests.

Click here for wedding vids.

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