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send off

#1. We had the best send off crowd!  They followed us out of the marina and waved until we could not seem them any more. #awesome

2. We sucked at fishing. Catch the past tense?  In my 36 years on this planet I had never witnessed a person catching a fish in real life. I thought it was all an illusion – like unicorns and armadillas. Turns out that catching fish and armadillas are real things!!  Who knew?!?

Bo caught 3 fish in about 3 minutes with a fancy new pink lure thing. It was exciting. I mostly just squealed a lot. And stayed a very safe 5 feet away from all of that business.

But I sure did like the taco we made from him. #delish


3. We went to Clearwater to see Mr. Ted.

4. We went to Venice to eat pizza. Twice in 18 hours. #itisthatgood

port char

5. We are now in Port Charlotte working on boat projects (Bo) and regular work (Allison). Trying to decide where to go next. This week we are hanging out with amazing boat friends. They have graciously allowed us to live in their backyard tied up to their boat – which happens to be twins with our boat!

6. American Pharoah won the Triple Crown. History was made!  And we saw it in the middle of the Gulf. #wewaited37years

peace out.

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