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I have pretty much given up on keeping track of us – it is virtually impossible and I am one of us. I knew going in that late summer/fall was going to be a little random. But the past 2 months have been more than a little random. And shows no signs of stopping. So I am just as likely to turn up on your doorstep as I ever have been. Keep a light on, k?

As of this very present moment I am sitting in the most beautiful AirBnB you have ever laid eyes on. It has charm for days. Strangely located in a very off color neighborhood in San Diego – but very near the beach, so we are just going with it.




Bo works like a mad man from August through November and travels non-stop. The majority of the time I do not join him on his little jaunts because they usually involve strange places in the middle of Idaho. But when the words “San Diego” come across his screen you better believe I book a ticket before he has time to change his mind about my invite. 

As with all of our trips the first two things I do are google the nearest Crossfit and Trader Joes. Safe to say I have visited both already 🙂 This particular location is home to some of my nearest and dearest, so we have pretty much had the best time. He does work – and so do I, thank you very much. But when we are not working we are eating a lot of tacos washed down with summer shandys. (More on this later)

We fly outta here on Friday. Everyone wants to know where we will be next week. If you live in Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia, or Florida be on the look out. That is the short list of potential places to fly to on Sunday.  Like I said, it is not really even worth trying to keep track. I just show up at the airport and see what happens.

In case you were wondering – I packed my suitcase on July 17th to leave the boat. I am still wearing and dragging around the same dang clothes…





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