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I can’t remember if I have told you about Bo’s new hobby, but he is quite the baker these days.

Here is his inspiration:

He is quite passionate about making the best bread and dipping sauces of our lives. Why he has chosen to do this when we quite literally have the LEAST access possible to groceries I am not sure, but ever the supportive wifey I will happily taste test for him. And join him on jaunts over hill and dale searching for yeast.

This week we were trapped in the most rolly anchorage of our lives. It was pretty hellacious and I was sea sick. At anchor.


He decides the best cure is to bake. This time he lands on choc chip cookies from scratch. No complaints from me. I laid on the couch binge eating ginger and watching Julie and Julia.
Meanwhile, the mad scientist went to work.


I must say the were incredible and we counted them a nutritionally sound dinner when paired with a beer.


We also decided to weigh anchor at 4pm and find a new place to spend the night. Too much rolly polly equals no sleep. Happy to report we were re-settled around the corner and playing cards by 5pm.

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