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Pulling into St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands on our own boat was utterly surreal.

We had talked about it, dreamt about it and planned for it, but we were not sure it would ever really happen. And then there we were. WHAT.THE.HECK!!!!??!?!


The first sign we were not in Kansas anymore...

The first sign we were not in Kansas anymore…

We pulled up little ole Selah right next to this guys and pretended we knew what we were doing. It was a funny dichotomy of feeling like total bad asses sailing ourselves from Alabama all the way down here vs. being completely dwarfed in this major harbor by big cruise ships and mega yachts.

Honestly – we just kind of stared at each other and said over and over again “I can’t believe we did it!!” I wish I could regale you with a big tale of our celebration or some epic ceremony – but mostly we were just completely dumbfounded. We had made it!!!

Nightingale Tune was ready with a bottle of champagne and we shortly joined them in their cockpit so the four of us could sit around and stare at each other with stupid grins. The epic-ness of the moment was interlaced with the simplicity of it all. Earlier that day we had been in Puerto Rico and then we were in St. Thomas; no big deal, right?


We did the next logical thing and poured ourselves drinks and plotted out the next few weeks.  Bo and I will be returning to the States in June for a few months to work so we have 1 short month to explore every snorkel spot and tiki bar from here to the BVI (British Virgin Islands) before May 30th. Never ones to waste any time, we hopped right in the water and donned our fins.


You know all those beautiful underwater snorkeling pics people get on vacation? Yeah, this is our best #fail




We quickly abandoned Charlotte Amelie in St Thomas for the quieter, prettier bays of St John and were not disappointed. We had mooring fields to ourselves and beautiful swims all over the island. I must say that cruising the Virgin Islands is so far exactly what we imagined.






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