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In true Cordle fashion we had absolutely zero plans set for our anniversary. I was actually more stressed out by people asking us what our “big” anniversary plans were than actually making any plans. We tossed around all kinds of ideas and went so far as to try and get a reservation at a fancy resort and my phone crapped out – so we just decided to wing it. Holidays have been one thing this sailing couple has really struggled with in boat life, so I had pretty low expectations.

It just didn’t feel right to spend a pile of cash on a night at a hotel just so we could get up the next day and go back to boatlife, although my heart does ache for a shower. We skipped any kind of planning and just decided to see where we landed. Prior to the anniversary we were on Day 3 of non-stop rain. I can confirm for all your land lubbers that rain days on a boat are misery. Imagine being confined to only your living room for 3 days straight and your couch is soaking wet and your TV doesn’t work. Internet is non-existent as well. Yeah – rain days on a boat are kinda sucky.

When Tuesday, May 3rd dawned bright and sunny we jumped at the chance to do some exploring. Bo pulled up the anchor at 6:15am and motored straight to the Baths at Virgin Gorda.


This might be my favorite shot of the day. Palm tree growing straight out of the rocks.


Selah looking like a typical cruising boat with stuff hanging everywhere!


We tied the dinghy up to the line and swam right in


















Selah is loving the view too.

The Baths are a series of rock formations that form pools and allow for plenty of climbing and exploring. We had an insider tip to go early and avoid crowds so we were on shore and exploring by 8am. Sure enough, we pulled out around 9:30am and more than 20+ boats were pulling up and off-loading hordes or tourists. We had the place to ourselves on a gorgeous morning.

We sailed north to Prickly Pear and found a great spot to drop the anchor for a few days. Because it was a “holiday” we treated ourselves to lunch and dinner off the boat and could not have been happier!

Lunch was Fat Virgins Cafe and we had it to ourselves!

Lunch was Fat Virgins Cafe. Nothing says anniversary like beer at 11am

We started Happy Hour with a bottle of champagne gifted to us at the wedding. Most traditions say that you pull out frozen wedding cake on your first anniversary – we skipped cake and went right for the good stuff. Thanks to Anne and Andy for a great anniversary treat!

We had a fantastic day and had the perfect one year celebration. It is completely surreal to think it has been a year since we left Alabama and here we are all settled into island life.






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