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After a day or two in Warderick Wells we decided to move along the chain of islands. We woke up this morning to a call on the radio from a friend relaying a message from another friend that they were headed our way. We quickly snorkeled and then weighed anchor heading south to Staniel Cay.

We had a great sail and were reunited with our buddies Cori and Dale on Hi Flight. Back in the water we went to snorkel at the “Aquarium.” It was aptly named and we were surrounded by fish, truly like we were swimming inside an aquarium. Staniel Cay-3

Staniel Cay-2

Staniel Cay-1

After our snorkel we had happy hour and a beautiful sunset. Cori has introduced us to the island ritual of “conch blowing” and gifted us with our very own conch!  It is going to take some practice – thank goodness sunset happens every night so we have daily practices. 🙂

The next morning we hopped up early and were greeted with a BASHING 2 hour sail. We had not exactly prepared for those conditions, so things were a bit upside down all over the boat. Oh well – it happens.

Our reward just happened to be swimming pigs at Pig Beach.

Staniel Cay-7

Staniel Cay-6

Staniel Cay-8

Staniel Cay-10

Staniel Cay-11

Staniel Cay-17

Staniel Cay-16

Staniel Cay-15

Staniel Cay-14

Staniel Cay-13

Swimming pigs are just bizarre. Who knew they could swim?  Not totally sure why the attraction, but it is definitely the thing to do in this area, so we obliged. There are various theories as to how the pigs arrived on the island. However they got here, they definitely have the routine down pat. As a dinghy pulls up they start ambling down the beach into the water to see what you brought for dinner.

Typically we see pigs and think “DINNER!” so this was quite the role reversal – they see us coming and think “DINNER!”

I was too afraid to bring them snacks as I had heard stories of them biting people, but Cori was brave and fed them some left over lettuce. Once they determined we were out of snacks they laid down for a snooze.

We dinghied back to the boat and found a nurse shark had taken up residence underneath our boat. A little disconcerting to see him hanging out where Bo had just swam a few minutes prior. I stayed safely inside the boat and pretended it wasn’t happening. Denial is the best (and only) option when sharks are swimming in your bathtub.

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