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A year ago we made the decision that will dwarf all other decisions for the rest of our lives.


There were more than enough wagers that we wouldn’t make it the year on the boat, that we (probably I) would jump overboard and pull the plug on this crazy dream.

So to sit in the BVI’s a year later, successfully sailing here from sleepy Bear Point Marina and still be married – it is kind of wild. Wild in the “I can’t believe we did it” way, wild in the “he didn’t kill me and I didn’t kill him” kind of way, wild in the “and we really love each other and this boat life” kind of way.

Just pretty much WILD in every single way.

It has not been without tears (me), second guessing (him) and every other icky feeling that comes with dream chasing. Most of the time dream chasing appears glamorous, easy, and full of rum punch and a side of sunsets. Reality is that dream chasing looks like hard work, too many sacrifices to count, and constant tension. The tension of reality vs dreams is crippling sometimes and euphoric others; I think that is the definition of tension – a crippling euphoria.

We have had some terrible days (hello, every single holiday we failed to celebrate) and terrific days (hello, swimming with sea turtles!) We have had more fun and excitement than we deserve and more boredom than we have ever thought possible. In short – we have had real, wild, life.

I have tried every single day to make some order out of the chaos that is boat life. Bo has tried every single day to make me not care about clean towels or clean hair. Both of us have stepped way out of our comfort zones to meet each other somewhere in the space between us. So far, so good!



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