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I hate admitting it, but I used to be a stoplight Facebook checker. We all pretend we are above that type of behavior, but I was a world-class driving texter, FB checker, tweet sender, etc… I was even better at making sure no cops would ever see me do it.

Chances are, you probably do it too. Maybe even right now you are reading this at a stoplight. AHHHHH. Caught ya.

Most of the time I am phone-less. Shoeless too, for that matter…but let’s stick with the phone. In the States I was attached to that thing at the hip. It kinda controlled my life and I let it. Siri told me when to be somewhere with a friendly ding, reminded me to floss my teeth and ensured I was never lost. Basically – I was sunk without her and Siri was the boss of me.

Even when I was trying to be “present” with friends or family and would consciously silence or hide the phone at the bottom of my purse I was still twitchy and always aware of where the phone was, who might have called or commented or liked or tweeted. Looking back, it was kind of disgusting. I want to go back and re-do many dinners where my phone was slyly hiding under my thigh so I could still feel connected. Who the heck did I think was going to call me? The Pope? So dumb.

Fast forward to the Bahamas and I honest-to-God can’t find the darn thing most of the time. You can blame the lack of pictures on my inability to locate or carry my phone. It maybe gets charged every other day and most of the time sits in the red zone, which was unheard of in Atlanta life.

I never dream of carrying it to dinner – who would call me? And why would I leave a current conversation to answer? Boat life has taught me to actually be present, not just talk about wanting to be present.

Happy to miss out on phone life and see this version of real life

Happy to miss out on phone life and see this version of real life


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