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If you follow us on any social media it is no secret we are completely smitten with Puerto Rico. In fact, we are so smitten we are bringing the boat back here for hurricane storage – but that is a story for another day.

We had some engine issues to deal with and the parts were in Virginia, naturally. We picked a marina and had them ship said parts to the marina, which meant we just had to pull in and stay a night or four. Conveniently, the weather kinda turned to shit and the winds weren’t very friendly for east-bound sailing – so we had a few days to kill.

Sitting around melting in the marina wasn’t high on our to-do list, so we hopped in a car with our buddies and headed north for Old San Juan. Armed with a really good NY Times article , enough hotel points for a free room, and a rental car we set out on a 24 hour journey.

In today’s edition of a Puerto Rican love story we bring you Old San Juan.

The beauty of the city is made by the combination of old-world style and charm. It is a very walkable city and we felt like we saw every nook and cranny. We basically strolled from one fabulous eating establishment to another. We had champagne before noon, popsicles for lunch, cafe con leche 3x/day, delicious sandwiches and incredible pizzas. I have a separate blog planned dedicated entirely to our edible escapades. Today let’s focus on the vistas:


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