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When we crossed the Gulf Stream back in December we had high hopes of amazing beaches, gorgeous sunsets and perfect weather. A few months later and we have realized we had some things right and were off on a few fronts…

One of the things that did not disappoint in the Bahamas were the beaches. Perfect white sand stretching for miles, palm tree-lined seascapes and undescribeable azul water.  Here are a few of our favorite, must-see Bahamian beaches:

Tahiti Beach – Abaco, Bahamas
The Abacos are the string of islands in the northern-most part of the Bahamas. Like most Americans, I assumed the Bahamas was one island and the only place I had ever heard of was Nassau. Wrong. The Bahamas is actually comprised of 700 islands (30 of which are inhabited) and stretch over 760 miles. We started our cruising in Stuart, FL and went out Lake Worth inlet to the Abacos. Bo and I have differing opinions on our time in the Abacos (he loved it, I could have skipped it) but 2 of our 3 favorite Bahamian beaches are in the Abocos, so clearly we enjoyed ourselves.


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Tahiti Beach is at the southern tip of Elbow Cay and is mainly a giant sandbar. During low tide you can walk way out and find all kinds of shells and sea creatures. It is a prime kite boarding spot and we spend a few different days sitting in the water watching the daredevils fly with the wind.


The Low Place, Man O War Cay

By accident we stumbled onto the Low Place at Man O War Cay and made it one of our regular stops while in the Abacos. One side of the Cay is wild crashing Atlantic ocean, complete with huge waves, stone walls and miles of beach front. Three steps west and you are standing in a bay on the Sea of Abaco that is flat calm, crystal clear and ideal for swimming. We anchored the boat and were able to experience both sunrise and sunset in a fabulous setting.

There is not much sea life for snorkeling, but we did spot a few giant starfish during our swims. We used the Atlantic beach side for a great burpee workout and the Sea of Abaco side for paddle boarding, swimming and sitting. The majority of our visits there we had the place to ourselves and we could anchor just inside a small reef for a perfectly peaceful evening. The mooring field at Man O Way is very shallow and we were happy to anchor outside in plenty of water.


The flat calm Sea of Abaco side of the beach.

low place

The crashing, wild Atlantic side of the beach.

Cape Santa Maria, Long Island
The quintessential, textbook version of perfect beach is embodied by the beach at Cape Santa Maria resort on Long Island. The crew of Selah spent more than our fair share of time enjoying the four mile stretch of perfection. If I had to pick just one place to visit in all of our Bahamian travels it would be here. There is a fabulous reef for snorkeling/fishing, hammocks for swinging and free conch fritters for happy hour. What else could you need? Hopefully you don’t need much, because this tiny island is not home to much more than a few small convenience stores and a hotel or two. It is a wonderful place to run away from real life and forget how to #adult for a few days.



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