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Before we left Florida I completely understood that our lives would be weather-directed. At least I understood it in theory.

Reality can be a real slap in the face. A very blustery slap in the face.

Here Bo is modeling the latest in outerwear this season. Note the bright color in case he were to be blown out to sea. It was a possibility.

We pulled up the anchor early last Saturday morning in hopes of finding a spot to hide from some impending bad weather. It is funny when bad weather is approaching all the boats start discussing their plans. Except we all use code on the radio because we don’t want anyone else to take our secret hidey hole. Most of the time there is only room for one or two boats, so you don’t want to tip anyone off where you are headed, lest they steal your spot!  The earier you are off the better your chances are, so we pulled anchor before 8am.

We stopped to pay $4 for an 8 minute shower and stock up on bread on the way. It’s a little like a forecasted snow storm. Except for the showering part, I’m guessing you guys have no problem showering.

After a mishap or two we found a decent spot near our two buddies and hunkered down for the storm. We spent about 24 hours crossing fingers and praying prayers that we would not swing into the rocks on both our right and left. The anchor alarm sounded often enough there was no sleep to be had and by 5pm Sunday we were more than a little fried.

By Monday the wind had let up a tad and we were back to our old antics. Workouts on the beach, Ticket to Ride in the cockpit and unsuccessful lobstering.

We spent the rest of the week exploring Pipe Creek in between wind gusts with Dale & Cori on Hi Flite and Lauren & Brian on Nightingale Tune.

Lauren is an amazing chef and gave Bo a bread lesson.
Lauren, Cori and I exploring the natural “baths” on Compass Cay.

Gorgeous spot to spend the day exploring.


The weather let up on Wednesday and we all departed for points south and planned for future rendezvous.

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