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Once Bo had our new parts installed on the engine and we had loaded up the boat with Costco provisions we were ready to finally head towards the Virgin Islands. The Spanish Virgin islands that is.

Rumor from other cruisers was that the Spanish Virgins were not to be missed and they haven’t steered us wrong yet. In a funny twist of randomness it just so happened that a long lost friend of mine happened to be in Puerto Rico and she and her husband hopped on board for a weekend of sailing.


I wish we could say we treated Tiffany and Matt to an amazing sailing experience. Instead they were gifted with the opportunity to experience real life boat life, complete with sea sickness, brutally hot inside-the-boat conditions, and midnight sailing to escape HORRIBLE rolling. You are welcome, Matt and Tiffany 🙂

We have never upped anchor in the middle of the night to avoid a rolly anchorage – until last weekend. We all were awake wishing we were anywhere but Vieques so we decided to make the 5 hour run to Culebra about 1am. The decision allowed us to arrive in Culebra at sunrise and we rallied by 10am for a day of exploring.


I have not frequented many Golf Cart rentals, but I can tell you this place was a class act. They have the market cornered and know exactly what they are doing. The place was a machine with golf carts coming and going every which way – and worth every penny for easy exploring.


Flamenco Beach is a top rated among the world’s beaches and we weren’t going to miss it. The long stretches of sand were filled with colorful umbrellas and lazy Sunday sunbathers. The water was crystal clear and the snow cones were on point,according to our resident expert.



Attempt #1 at relaxed couple ocean shot

Attempt #1 at relaxed couple ocean shot

Attempt #2 worked out a bit better

Attempt #2 worked out a bit better

Swimming with sea turtles capped off the day in a most spectacular fashion. Bo says I have done it before, but I certainly don’t remember it being this amazing. They just swam and cruised right alongside us off the beach. I had no idea it would be such a regular thing as we continued east – but this was just the beginning of our turtle adventures.


The next day we hugged Matt and Tiffany goodbye and we set off for the US Virgin Islands!!!  The excitement was palpable as we made the roughly 25 mile, 5 hour trip over to St. Thomas.




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