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Today is Lola’s 2nd birthday. I am missing her party and can barely stand it. I showered sitting down with a bucket while boats whizzed past close enough to touch, which pretty much equals my own personal hell.

Today I walked on an absolutely gorgeous beach and climbed a hill for an insanely beautiful view of the island and will start happy hour in less than an hour with new friends living this crazy lifestyle alongside us.

Sunset - Selah

Two events – same day; one amazing and one painful. Kind of a metaphor for life, huh?

Recently I was texting my sisters about how uncomfortable our floating house was at that particular moment. I was complaining about being sea sick inside my house, while at anchor. I was choking down ginger candies and sniffing peppermint like my life depended on it. Safe to say that I was not really a happy camper and my thoughts on boat life were less than stellar.

One day previous I had been texting the same sisters about swimming pigs, endless happy hours and insanely gorgeous sunrises. Safe to say that I was a happy camper and my thoughts on boat life were stellar.

Musha Cay sunrise

If you happened to creep our texts you might wonder if:  a. maybe I am a tad dramatic (yes! says Bo) and/or b. life is just a constant set of ups/downs, highs/lows, take the goods with the bads.  (also yes!)

After living overseas for a few years and doing a significant amount of travel (hello, 35 countries in 5 years) I felt like I was pretty good at finding middle ground and realizing that the crappy moments always pass and are usually soon forgotten, or turned into really good stories.

Boat Life is different than any other travel I have done. Most of the time boat life is absolutely AMAZING. And when it is not then it is absolutely TERRIBLE. There isn’t a lot of middle ground in boat life for whatever reason. We are either having the time of our lives, or fighting for them. To be clear, we haven’t been in any really life threatening situations, but they are always lurking.

There is a deep, deep awareness that at any moment you could be on fire, sinking, smashing into something, falling overboard, etc, etc….The list of ways things could go bad wrong in a hurry is rather long; and unfortunately we know too many real life stories of these things happening.

The list of possible bad things keeps us both up at night with our senses finely tuned for any number of calamities.

I am flying home in 10 days for a bit and can not wait to sleep a full 8 hours without worrying if our house is seconds away from bashing into someone else’s house while I lay there completely unawares. Because that is a real thing out here, and we see it happen all the freaking time.

But I am flying home in 10 days and can’t imagine a life without daily beach running, random encounters with nearby boaters, sunrise paddleboarding and sunset conch blowing.


Dinghy riding

The dichotomy is mind-blowing. So challenging; yet so satisfying. The rawness of the daily fight for survival is enchanting and epic. Our minds are clear and sharp, communication is efficient and life-giving, and we ride the line between disaster and triumph constantly.


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