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One year ago today we woke up on Selah for the first time as full time cruisers. 365 days of working, living, sailing and enjoying this incredible lifestyle. With a few pitstops along the way we have managed to sail this boat by ourselves from Orange Beach, AL to the British Virgin Islands.


I truly wish I was some kind of wordsmith and could convey our feelings via this little keyboard. Unfortunately, every time I sit down to eek out some words I am completely empty. It is mostly awe. I have absolutely no idea how we managed this. (Well, lets be honest – mostly Bo managed this and I tagged along!) Most of you had odds we would quit and turn around before we left Florida, and honestly, I kinda figured we would too! But somehow, some way here we are!

The Bitter End Yacht Club was one of our most favorite spots, but I was always confused by the name. Bitter End. The phrase actually has nautical roots and basically means the end of the line. Today I think I get it…we are at a bit of a Bitter End ourselves. I can’t believe the sailing season is over for us.

I am sitting in an anchorage in Culebra 7 days from having to put Selah to bed for the rest of the year. Our home is about to be yanked out of the water and strapped down to some concrete so she doesn’t blow away in a hurricane. The next seven days are going to be full of cleaning, packing, wiping, scrubbing and hauling…none of which sounds very fun. Did I mention it is about 100 degrees on land? Neither of us have ever hauled a boat out of the water for months at a time, so feel free to send us tips. We are pretty much clueless on the process and have absolutely no idea what we are doing.

But what is new about that? We have spent the past 365 fairly clueless, no use trying to change that now!  Bring on land!

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