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Two weeks ago (we think…the days run together…) we sailed out of Turks and Caicos bound for the Bahamas. As you know, we made it! We made a few stops along the way (Plana Cay and Mayaguana) to check in the country with customs, have some sleep, check the weather, etc..but eventually landed in Atwood Harbour.

Having never been there, we weren’t sure what to expect and were greeted with a gorgeous little half-moon bay and a few other boat neighbors. No houses, people, civilization to speak of – which was a fabulous surprise. We were tucked in to wait out some high winds and knew we were going to be there at least 2-3 days. It turned in to 4 days, but who is counting?

Alli and Bo on Long Island beach

We noticed a little hut-looking building that was all boarded up, but had a guy’s phone number on it if we needed anything. Seemed a little random, but in the Bahamas everything is a little random so we didn’t pay it a ton of attention.


No sooner had we explored a little bit then we come upon the proprietor of the little hut, Fedel. He and his wife have a dream of building a restaurant, bathrooms and even a laundry room!  We got the sense the dream was still a few years in the making, but we really enjoyed meeting them and sharing a VERY fresh conch salad with the other boats in the anchorage.



Fedel cuts the conch out of the shells.

Fedel cuts the conch out of the shells.


He mixes in fresh veggies from his garden and we have a feast!

These two are up to no good...

These two are up to no good…

Atwood Branches

We stayed just long enough for the wind to back off a bit and then continued the trek north. Lately boat life has been a series of very long travel days punctuated with little stops to catch our breath and take in the scenery.

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