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Technically we are still in peak “season” here in the Caribbean as evidenced by the full mooring fields, packed beach bars and expensive flights, but Bo and I are wrapping up our time here and turning our thoughts north. And west – the blessed west. We can’t wait to try sailing with the wind instead of against it.  it will be our first time in two years that we are not beating into the prevailing east trade winds. 

We are faced with multiple crossroads as they pertain to our life the next few months. Maybe the collective internet wisdom can help us figure out what in the world we should do on a few fronts.

Challenge #1: Traveling North

You would think this would be easy, but there are a few factors that make getting back north a tad more challenging. Here are the 3 options as we see them right now:

**Buddy Boat to Bahamas. The prospect of going it alone out in the Atlantic for 5 days is not really something we relish. For some reason it is all just made easier if you know *someone, anyone* is out there with you. A buddy boat can’t really help you in an emergency, but they sure can give you feedback, entertainment and comfort if you do run into any trouble. The tricky part about buddy boats is finding one going your direction in your timeframe. As much as we all love to live on “island time” there are actually schedules and calendars that we are all trying to work around.  We do have a boat full of buddies (Ruby Rose!) that is headed to the Bahamas and it would be perfection if the stars aligned and we could travel together to the Bahamas. Not to mention share incredible shenanigans once in the Bahamas.

IMG_9681As it happens, Ruby Rose is in Puerto Rico waiting for us to arrive and possibly travel north with us. I just happen to have a wedding back in the States the exact same days we would need to leave. Of course EVERYTHING in life depends on weather – so if they happen to get the perfect weather while I am gone…

**Bo Single-Hands with a Buddy Boat.  This may not be a shocker, but I honestly have zero desire to make a five day boat trip in the middle of the ocean. Yep, I did that last year and survived – but also am smart enough to know it is totally fine with me if I never do it again. 😉 Of course it is totally fine if I do it again, but man wouldn’t it be cool to just go in an airplane?!?!  

But that leaves poor Bo to do 5 days off shore with no one else on board. Which of course our insurance company is not really a fan of that plan and we need an additional rider, more $$, etc…

If the perfect weather just doesn’t arrive until after I am back then we can all head north together. So that is kind of a day-by-day decision. Fingers crossed for perfect weather to magically appear on April 25th!  They may, in fact, get perfect weather before we reach them next week and they are under strict instructions to GO without us!

(There is always the option to bring in crew to help us out on the trip. While we keep this as an option, it typically ends up further confusing matters as we try to work out schedules, flights, finances, etc…with extra people. We are trying to keep things simple and in general adding additional people does not help simplify.)

**Salty Dog Rally. Someone mentioned the Rally to us the other day and a light came on. A rally is when a BUNCH of boats all get together and head north in the same relative time/weather pattern, etc…with group activities before/after the trip. It is kind of a safety in numbers situation and the moral support of a bunch of people doing it all together. This particular rally would leave in mid-May and head straight for the east coast, so more like a 10 day off shore trip, skipping the Bahamas. 

Once we have all that mess figured out then we can move on to challenge #2: Where Should We Live???? It is a funny world we live in while trying to figure out how to get somewhere – but we are not really sure where that somewhere is yet.  

It is not lost on us how truly lucky we are to have these challenges. If you want to talk about #firstworldproblems we are the definition of it. The world is our oyster and we are free to end up wherever we choose. Crazy!  

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