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This may be old news to some of you, but exciting nonetheless, we are back in the Bahamas!

Against all reason, advice and common sense, Bo went ahead and single-handed the trip from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Turks and Caicos. It was a 3 night trip all by his lonesome. Yes, you can officially call him Salty now! The perfect weather window appeared the exact same day I was scheduled to fly home for a wedding and he just went for it. I waved Selah and Ruby Rose off the dock on a Thursday morning with all my fingers crossed that I would safely see them the following Monday 400 nautical miles away.

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Can I just say that in all our sailing thus far it has been mostly up-wind and very limited sailing. (I think I have personally sailed about 15 hours total on this whole 2 year trip!) The conditions have just been very limiting and not ideal for sailing – so we motor-sail just about everywhere. But lo and behold Bo was able to SAIL for 48 straight hours on this trip. He had a glorious down-wind ride and averaged 6.5 knots, which is far faster than anything we normally see. He had the time of his life and most likely didn’t even notice I was gone!

Ruby Rose was never more than a few miles away and available for radio check-ins whenever needed. Both boats pulled into a marina in Turks & Caicos Sunday morning none the worse for the wear. They picked me up at the airport Monday morning and we were back in action!

Weddings with this crowd are always memorable.

Weddings with this crowd are always memorable.

We spent a day or two enjoying the resort marina and then promptly took off again headed north. We plan to spend a bit of time in the out islands of the Bahamas, so we checked in at Mayaguana and spent the night there before continuing the journey north.


If we don’t start using our sails more I am going to turn them into these amazing floats. Much better use of the fabric!

It has been some work, but we are now tucked into a cozy little harbor on Acklins Island waiting out some high winds and enjoying the middle of absolutely nowhere for a few days.

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