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We have been so enjoying land life that our glances backward have been few and far between. And honestly boat life just has not been on our radar. Every 10 days or so we look at each and say “we need to go check on the boat” and sometime that week go visit and say hello and suddenly snap back to the amazing reality of boat life. We laugh and remember and murmur “I miss Selah” to each other.

Then we walk back in our front door and truly revel at the washing machine, hot showers and unlimited electricity and exclaim to each other “i love this house!”

Our only conclusion is that we are the happiest, luckiest people in all the land. That’s it. We have truly lived our version of the best possible life for the past few years and could not feel more grateful. Truly, truly grateful.

You know that cheesy quote “Don’t be sad it is over, be happy that it happened!”? Well. that is our only way forward. With heavy, yet happy hearts we recognized boat life, as we know it, is over for the next season of life. Certainly not forever, but for now.

We absolutely hate seeing our beautiful floating home sitting empty and lonely at the dock and can think of nothing better than for her to find her next “people” and take them on a journey. We are taking our leave from boat life on the highest of notes. We had the PERFECT experience and can think of literally nothing we would do differently. In cruising circles it is absolutely unheard of to enjoy every moment – but I can honestly say we did. We would not change a single thing about our path, our adventures and most importantly – our boat. She was our home, our protector, our haven…so much more than just a boat. She was a dream come true for Bo and our first married home.

We are going to quietly and slowly put Selah on the market and give her a chance to do what she does best: sail. She is fully equipped and ready to take her next owners north, south, east, or west. She lacks nothing and is a stout, bluewater-ready cruiser. If you are interested in chatting with us about her feel free to reach out at and we would be happy to share a spec sheet and pictures.

Until next time…


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