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When you find something you love, you become a regular. At least that is our life motto in the Caribbean. And no matter how we try, we just can’t seem to quit showing up at the Angel’s Rest, our favorite Caribbean beach bar.

Angels Rest-1

Peter is the owner and proprietor of the lovely Angel’s Rest and truth be told he is the reason our dinghy finds itself tied up there each afternoon on St. John. Any and all drinks are $5, which makes the math easy, and he closes before dark so he can motor his floating home/bar back to his mooring in Coral Bay – which makes our 8pm bedtime pretty easy too.

Angels Rest-3

We first discovered Peter and his fabulous floating bar a few weeks ago when we ventured to the south side of St. John for the first time with friends Mike and Melanie. We got to know Peter and fell in love with his lifestyle that is a perfect picture of island industry. Each morning he noses the bar out into the bay and decides which cove he wants to set up shop in for the day. If he has a good day he buys himself dinner out, if it is a little slower day he cooks on the boat for himself. Most customers swim from shore and then the few of us with boats close by are happy to dinghy over.

Angels Rest-21

Absolutely everyone is greeted like family and quickly welcomed aboard.

Angels Rest-2

We returned this week with more friends in tow and haven’t stopped laughing since. Peter is an amazing entertainer as well as host.

Angels Rest-6

Angels Rest-7

Peter waves us off at the end of another fun day on the water and heads back into his spot for the night. Our visit to St. John wouldn’t be the same without Peter and his quirky floating bar.

While we are anxious to maintain our status as “regulars”, Bo has mentioned that his “check liver light” has come on, so we are taking a break for today and catching up on boat projects and maybe a nap.

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