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The cursor has been patiently blinking at me for over 30 minutes while I try and remember how to blog. There is certainly no perfect first sentence when it has been over 6 months since I have been here writing. In typical Allison fashion, I will just type whatever comes to mind, press Publish and go on my way. Apologies in advance.

Hard to believe it has been 7 months since we have laid eyes on our Selah. She has been “on the hard” (out of the water) since June and we (and she) are both anxious to have her back where she belongs – in the water! Bo is in Puerto Rico at this very moment getting a few mechanical things handled and painting the bottom. (ironically called a “bottom job” for all you non-boaters). I will join him later this week to handle provisioning and cleaning. If all systems are go we will splash Selah on Friday and head for our favorite beach early next week.

In case you are just joining us (hi new friends!!!) here is a quick rundown of life:

  • We left in December 2015 from Stuart, FL and sailed through the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico and eventually landed in the Virgin Islands.
  • In June 2016 we left the boat in a boat yard in Fajardo, Puerto Rico and parted ways for the summer. Bo went to work in Rio for the 2016 Olympics and Allison went to Ohio to hang with her favorite people.
  • Fall 2016 Bo returned from the Olympics and went to work on Sunday Night Football on NBC and Allison stayed in Ohio.

We were ready for a little break from boat life when we returned in June and we are ready for a little break from land life now, so really it is the best of both worlds. This winter/spring we will bounce around the Virgin Islands, make a few trips back north and hopefully land somewhere in the US next summer. But if there is one thing we have learned – plans are very flexible and we hold everything pretty loosely.

Photo Collage


I got home last June just in time to welcome “Baby Mac” to the family.


A LOT of my favorite people happened to be in San Diego at the same time, so I managed a quick trip to hug necks.


Annual Labor Day Girls trip with the besties!


I work with an amazing organization serving orphaned children in Kenya and made a trip to visit the kids and see the base of operations serving so many kiddos. If you are ever looking for a place to serve or give I can’t recommend Oasis for Orphans enough! They have my heart.


Bo had a football game in Oakland, so we naturally turned it into a visit to Sonoma and Napa. Fun fact: Bo used to live on the grounds of Kunde winery and we count their family as friends.


A football game in DC gave us the perfect excuse to stay a few days to visit Bo’s sister and her family. Sweet Ruthie was the highlight of our trip!


A Broncos game landed us in Colorado Springs for a week with more of our favorite people. It was long overdue and so good to spend quality time with the Paschalls.

We were able to spend a few holiday days in Mississippi with the Cordles. Full, full hearts!

I would say we took every opportunity to spend quality time with people we love and are returning to boat life completely full of friends, family and love.





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