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We have fallen in love again.

I am aware that it appears we fall in love with every island we visit. In this particular case, perception is reality and every time we stumble into a new spot I turn to Bo and squeal “I LOVE it here!!” He just kinda rolls his eyes and rides the wave of fascination.

Angels Rest-23

Cooper Island is paradise. Naturally, we still have to dry some drawers even in paradise…

Angels Rest-22

Best Dark n Stormy I have had yet. It may have been the beach tables standing in crystal clear water that made it taste that much better.

Angels Rest-21

Angels Rest-20

Shared adventures are the best kind. Friends Cori & Dale and Mike & Melanie joined us at Cooper

Cooper Island-10

My favorite dinghy captain.

Cooper Island-9

One of my favorite pictures of Selah.

Cooper Island-8

Life is good when you can paddle board to the neighbor’s

Cooper Island-6

Hundreds of hermit crabs call Cooper Island home.

Cooper Island-5

Cooper Island-2

Cooper Island-4

If you are looking for a beach vacation we can’t recommend Cooper Island Beach resort enough.  Great snorkeling, beautiful beach, restaurant, bar, and excursions aplenty. We will meet you there!

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