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Most of our adventures start out innocently enough…a rough plan, add in some friends, a few snacks and a wet dinghy ride and POOF it is magic!  I had the romantic notion that a full moon night out on Sandy Spit with some friends would be the kind of magical that our Tuesday was longing for.

Sandy Spit is literally a patch of sand in the ocean on the eastern edge of Jost Van Dyke, BVI. It is a picturesque little place with one lone palm tree and not much else. The stars aligned and we happened to be nearby for the full moon and the weather was settled enough for the dinghy ride out to the spit.


We excitedly pitched the idea to our friends Nick and Terysa and piled into their dingy for the mile-long, soaking wet ride. We pulled up completely soaked in sea water and resembling drowned rats but plowed forward with our grand plans. Somewhere along the way we had failed to check the time of sunset and it turned out we had quite a bit of time to kill. Luckily Terysa plans ahead and had a blanket and snacks along for the ride.

Nick has pyromaniac tendencies and decided we need a bonfire. Needless to say, building a fire without kindling, newspaper and lighter fluid was beyond my abilities, but Bo was happy to collect coconut husks and try to get something going. A few failed attempts later and spirits were low as we were still wet, moon rise was some time off, and fire was a fail.

guys build fire

Enter Doritos and a bottle of Mount Gay rum.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of memory someone recalls that Doritos can be used to start a fire. How in the world this is even a thing is a mystery to me, but we decided to give it a go. Half a bottle of rum and half a bag of Doritos later and we had a roaring bonfire!


We spent the rest of the night anxiously awaiting the moon and eating the crumbles left at the bottom of the Doritos bag.  A classic example of a very random, very memorable evening in the tropics.




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