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Bo's New Boat

You know how in movies they show the yachtie types wearing sweater vests & blazers & white pants when they go sailing? Did you know that people actually do that?

I guess it never really hit me that people did that, but last week in Newport, RI those were the people I was surrounded by. They wear blazers & ascots like us in the redneck-riviera wear flip flops.

But that’s not why I’m writing. Today I felt a lot more at home in Sarasota on Florida’s west coast sitting in the cockpit of my new boat!

As of 11:57am the papers were signed & the deal was done. I’m the proud owner of a 1984 Brewer 42′ sailboat. To compare it to the boat I’ve been living on for the past 2 years, it’s about 20 years older more experienced & 2 feet longer.

I’m still not exactly sure of my timeline to sail her back to Orange Beach yet. There’s some work I’d like to get done to her in Florida before making the trip north.

Also, I’m planning on changing the name at some point, but I need ideas, so be thinking.

I’m 1 step closer to #31!

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