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Dockstore Sunset

Fifteen years ago I figured that 30-year-old me would have life all figured out. I thought I’d be a successful millionaire by now. Hell, even 23-year-old me wrote down goals of knowing another language and having a masters degree and owning a seaplane by now.

I’ve failed in hundreds of ways.

I’ve accomplished some of the things like getting my captain’s license and starting my own business, but left to my own devices, I’m much more inclined to be a live-in-the-moment type guy.

I’ve discovered I have a fairly severe case of FOMO. Fear of missing out. For a guy who lives at a marina where there’s always a boat to ride on or live music to listen to or a tiki bar with bushwhackers to drink, FOMO can be debilitating.

If I’m not careful, it wouldn’t be a stretch for me to wake up 30 years from now drinking the same coffee on the same dock store porch, telling the same old lies.

But thankfully I have you. I have you to keep me accountable and push me and yell at me if I’m not making progress. I have you to ask me what the next item I’m going to cross off the bucket list is or when my cast-off date is for my around the world sailing trip.

I’m fortunate in that I have direction…I have a good idea of where I want to be in a year or two. I don’t exactly know how I’m going to get there, but, such is the case with anything worth doing.

Most things worth doing are things that we’ve never done before and likely have no clue how to do. And probably scare the crap out of us.

If I let my FOMO reign, I know I’ll never accomplish the bigger goals I have. Unlike catching a fly (#21), they’re goals that won’t happen on accident. Goals I’m going to have to spend a lot of time working towards.

I’ve realized that I’m most productive between the hours of 4-8am. This is unfortunate, seeing as how I’m not really a morning person and would much prefer to sleep in. But since nothing happens before 8am, getting up early is a successful FOMO avoidance technique.

Today I woke up at 4am and my life is better for it. Tomorrow I’ll try again and although it probably won’t happen every day this week, the more I succeed at conquering my FOMO, the closer I’ll get to where I want to be.

Also! I’m really excited about this, although I should temper my excitement since it just started this weekend. On the heels of WDS a few of us formed an accountability group. I’ll tell you more about it later, but we just had our first skype meeting this weekend. Having four other people whose job is to yell at me (and me at them) if I’m not doing what I say I’m going to do is pretty motivating.

I don’t own a seaplane, I’m naturally lazy, and I have severe FOMO, but despite my hundreds of failures, I refuse to become one. Because of you, a failure I won’t be.

Do you have anyone holding you accountable?

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