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Messy Engine Room

A week or so ago after working and playing tourist in Milwaukee for a few days, I landed back in Sarasota. I spent a few hours at the boat before I had to leave for Atlanta and spent the time making measurements and trying to decide on a few things.

I’m not going to lie. There are times when I look at the boat and all I see is sunsets and adventure and freedom. And then there are days like that day when all I saw were things that needed work. Things that needed fixing or upgrading or replacing; it is a 30 year old boat, after all.

Despite all the awesomeness, I’m sure that anyone who has ever owned a boat would tell you that there are plenty of frustrating moments. The honeymoon period isn’t quite over, but it’s about to be time to get some serious work done.

I’d like this site to ultimately be a log of everything that I do to the boat and the thought processes that go into it, so you’ll eventually be seeing a lot more boat-related posts.

For now, my tentative plans are to get the boat hauled out sometime in late February to have the bottom completely sanded & new bottom paint applied. This is important to keep barnacles and other crap from growing on the hull of the boat. I don’t think the boat’s had a bottom job since 2007ish, so it’s definitely due.

Before that, though, I’ve had a guy look at the engine room and give me a quote on cleaning all of the old refrigeration stuff out of it. Remember how nasty the engine room was from my tour video? I’ve decided I’m going to let him clean all that crap out while I’m working these next few weeks. That’ll make a big difference.

And so it begins…

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