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Sailing with Parents

Had a great time hanging out with the ‘rents last weekend. We were stuck in the marina for a couple days “slip sailing”—sitting on the boat without leaving the marina slip—because it was too windy.

Which is like the worst reason ever to not go actual-sailing, we can agree.

The problem wasn’t so much that there was too much wind to go sailing as it was the fact that I don’t exactly know how to maneuver the boat out of the marina under those conditions without hitting every other boat and possibly a restaurant.

So far I’ve really only maneuvered the boat in & out of the slip so early in the morning that none of the locals had yet had enough coffee to be standing on the dock pointing at me.

Baby steps.

We did get to go actually sailing-sailing on Monday morning when I outsmarted the wind enough to leave the dock so early it hadn’t yet had time to wake up either.

My boat handling skills practice will have to be put on hold for the next few weeks however, as I’m on a plane back to California to experience the Bottle Rock music festival with my left coast friends.

From there I go to Seattle to that diesel mechanic workshop I told you about, then after that I go back to work for a week or two to continue to fund this ridiculous ride I’m on.

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