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I’m not really sure whether or not I read more than other kids growing up. I mean, if there was a summer ready list, you better believe I wouldn’t crack open the first title. But, I remember losing myself in the stories of Encyclopedia Brown, the Boxcar Children and Hardy Boys.

In middle school the only book I can honestly remember reading from cover to cover is the 400 page book on HTML that my uncle gave me. Really…I’m not a dork.

In high school I made my way through most of John Grisham’s offerings, as well as the occasional—don’t judge—Nicholas Sparks book.

But I don’t recall any of these books changing my life. At least, not in the way that “Maiden Voyage” did.

It’s a true story, which I think makes it all the more moving. The bottom line is that this high school punk girl, Tania, was always getting into trouble. So her dad gave her a choice. When she graduated, she had to go to college or sail a 26’ sailboat around the world. Alone.

Now do you see why I’m telling you about this?

She chose the sailboat. A few years and 27,000 miles later, she completed her circumnavigation and became the youngest person to sail around the globe alone.

With the help of the editor of Cruising World magazine, Tania ultimately wrote the book that would inspire countless adventurers. It’s an amazing story that I’ve read at least 15 times over the past 9 years.

I can no doubt credit this novel with giving me the idea that sailing around the world was actually an achievable feat…it doesn’t take some mystical sailing gene or decades of experience. It just takes a dream and determination.

Thank you, Tania, for choosing the road less traveled & sharing your experience with the world. Oh…I also must thank Anne’s mom, Ms. Suzette, because I’m pretty sure she recommended the book to me in the first place.

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