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The closer and closer we get to casting off, the more excited I get to being there. So, like Allison, I often get caught spiraling down sailing blog rabbit trails. So many awesome people out there are doing fun things and figuring out entertaining ways to document them. #lovetheinternet

The other day I came across one that I hadn’t seen before called Love & Rum. I love their tagline–because you can’t send a message in a bottle ’til it’s empty.

Love & Rum are these two Canadian people Katy and Mikee who live in Mexico and recently bought a 32′ Morgan sailboat (also designed by my homeboy Ted Brewer!). They’re also about our age and recently got married, so throw another penny in the Young Cruisers jar.

I think their plan is to take off about the same time we are in May, but while we’re heading north up the east coast of the US, they’re heading south for the Rio Dulce in Guatemala.

I’m mostly drawn to their site because they’re a lot better than we are right now at pretty pictures. Lots of nice pictures and some good videos as well. Check them out at Love & Rum


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