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I woke up Wednesday, super excited to be able to see straight down into the crystal clear Bahamian water. So excited, I decided to blow the last of our stash of fresh eggs on a breakfast burrito as we were getting underway.


We fell in line with 4 other sailboats that were coming across the bank from Mangrove Cay. It was such a nice day, Alli got the heatgun out and started working on stripping our teak toe-rails that badly need it.


We planned to stop at Crab Cay but made good enough time to continue on to Powell Cay. When we got there, we decided we still had enough daylight to go on to Manjack Cay. It’s the last island before you get to Green Turtle, so we knew we’d have a short run on Thursday to deal with customs.

Allison realized she’d been on the boat for a couple of days without a workout and decided it was time. So we loaded our new 3.5hp motor on the dinghy and made our way into the beach, despite not being fully cleared into the country yet.

The bugs had other plans and chased her back into the dinghy after only about 10 minutes. She has a hundred or two bug bites to prove it. I was off exploring the island’s trail to the ocean beach, but only got 10 minutes down a 20 minute path before I started getting eaten alive. We did see enough of Manjack to be impressed though, so I’m sure we’ll be back.

With bugspray.


It was here, on the dinghy ride back to the boat, where I took one of my favorite pictures yet of Selah at anchor. Not bad, huh?


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