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Y’all. It’s happening. The trip I’ve been talking about & planning for over 10 years is actually going to start.

Like, soon.

Like, this Saturday.

How on Earth did that sneak up on us so fast?

I guess we were so focused on the getting married thing the beginning of our sailing trip around the world got here before we knew it.

As of right now, the plan is to have a little bon voyage gathering (and boat renaming!) at my home marina in Orange Beach, Alabama this Friday night. Then, weather pending, Saturday morning we’ll untie the dock lines. If all goes as planned, we won’t be back in Orange Beach until a few years and 35,000 miles later!

I’m feverishly working on last minute projects between trips to West Marine, while Allison is busily stowing provisions in every available locker after buying half of Sam’s Club.

The loose plan at this point is to work our way down to Marathon in the Florida Keys by June 20th, then be in the Bahamas by 4th of July. After that, we’ll head up towards the Carolinas or Virginia to find a nice marina to keep the boat for the heart of hurricane season (August-October).

In November we’ll start working our way back south in hopes of being in the Virgin Islands for Christmas. Then eventually Panama, the Pacific and points west.

I’m not sure yet how to sail around the world, but I do know how to sail to the Keys. Once we’re in the Keys, we’ll figure out how to sail to the Bahamas.

One step at a time.

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