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Ok, where were we. Between the trip to Azerbaijan and telling you about the dinghy, it’s hard to keep up.

Oh, that’s right…we’d just gotten to West Palm Beach, Florida and had a wonderful dinner with my Auburn friends Katie, Preston, and Jordan.

After stealing a night there at the free dock in downtown West Palm, we had to ride a few miles north and check out Peanut Island.

We couldn't leave WPB without breakfast at Makeb's Bagels first.

We couldn’t leave WPB without breakfast at Makeb’s Bagels first.

Several people had mentioned this little gem, so we wanted to see what it was all about. Apparently it was one of JFK’s secret bunkers during the Cold War. Also, they have a very cool tidal pool snorkeling spot. It’s directly beside the Lake Worth Inlet from the Atlantic Ocean, so at high tide the water is crystal clear & gorgeous. We put the dinghy in the water (see: Ode to the Dinghy) and did some exploring, making it back to the boat just in time for a cruise ship headed to the Bahamas to pass just behind our anchorage.

Cruise, anyone? #SailingBA

A video posted by @sailingbo on

Peanut Island was a great spot, but we knew we didn’t want to be there over the weekend when hundreds of boats would descend upon the island from all directions. No, we needed to find a more out of the way spot to avoid the chaos that is the Florida weekend ICW.

So we traveled another 4 miles up the ICW, ducked in behind several condos at Palm Beach Gardens and dropped the anchor a few hundred yards from a marina rumored to be where Tiger Woods keeps his yacht.

Here we learned from Active Captain (a sailors version of TripAdvisor or Yelp…) that there was a spot to tie up our dinghy under a bridge nearby. It was also advised to lock your dinghy, as several have gone missing from this particular spot.

So we locked the dinghy and emerged like bridge trolls onto PGA Blvd, walked to Publix, and caught an Uber to our friend’s house. Thanks to Katie and Preston’s incredible hospitality, we spent the next several days living like royalty with air conditioning, a glorious king bed, and borrowed wheels.

Bridge Trolls

On Friday we drove around to several different marinas, trying to pick out a good spot to leave Selah for a few months to do some refitting while I go back to work.

We visited several different spots, but we ended up choosing the very first one we saw in Stuart, Florida. The plans to get to Jacksonville were officially scrapped, and we made reservations through October 15th in Stuart.

Sailfish Club-1


With that settled, we had no problem taking Katie and Preston up on their offer to hang out at the Sailfish Club and the Square Grouper (as featured in Alan Jackson’s video) for a much needed shoreside vacay.

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