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For as long as I’ve owned the boat, there’s been this horrible awful rust stain about 3 feet tall streaking the hull. I bet we’ve tried a hundred dollars worth of fancy boat products, fiberglass cleaning products, buffing, etc. to get this streak gone. To no avail.

The cause of it is very obviously from a corroded mushroom thru-hull thing where the air conditioner discharges it’s coolant water. TheWorksCleanerI’ve been planning on replacing it to keep the stain from getting any worse, but it seemed like a lost cause since the stain was already so ridiculous.

So how did we finally solve this dilemma? The Works. This bottle of magic costs less than $2 at the Wal-Mart and wiped the stain off like it was butter on granite.

Now we’ll just add a little wax and a new thruhull for the discharge and mark it off the list!

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