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Let’s talk about sea turtles for a minute. Are you aware of how awesome these dudes are?

This summer while we were in Marathon (in the Florida Keys), we got a chance to catch up with the Marathon Turtle Hospital and record a segment for our Junior Captains Program. I was fascinated. Check it out!

Their whole life is bizarre to me. Let’s review…

Their mom drops them off on a beach and dips out. After a month and a half of hiding out in the sand, baby turtle buddy crawls out and hopefully goes the right way and hits water instead of a tire traveling down A1A.

Assuming he doesn’t then get eaten or become otherwise disposed like most of his siblings, he hits the gulf stream and floats around for the next 20 years. Only then, he hits puberty and realizes he was a girl the whole time.

Now, floating out in the ocean he–er, she–must somehow happen upon another sea turtle and make babies. I know how hard it is for humans to find a suitable mate and we have college and bars and churches!

Imagine if you had to search THE ENTIRE OCEAN to find one!?

The best part, is that after they’ve done all that, they turn on their tiny little brain GPS and go home to the exact same beach where they were born to have their babies! They travel thousands of miles, then return to the exact same spot!

How is this possible? We live in an amazing world.

These are the types of things we deal with in the Junior Captains program we’re creating for elementary aged kids. Relaunching in a few days. Interested? Hit me up on

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